Introduction to Vinyl wrapping


What is a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap???

A vehicle wrap is an advertisement, design or embossed effect, applied to large sheets of adhesive vinyl that cover or partially cover the surfaces of vehicle panels. 

Wraps provide a canvas for higher impact graphics than traditional cut letter vinyl decals. A wrap gives your car a great deal of attention; it gives your vehicle a different, custom look rather than a factory finish; it increases your brand awareness, which gives the opportunity for a higher return on your advertising investment. Wraps also protect original paint finishes, which can increase the resale value of the vehicle after the wrap material is removed.


Can a vinyl wrap be completely removed?

YES! A vinyl wrap can be completely removed without damage to the underlying paint works, although this is dependent upon the original condition of the paintwork. If paint was peeling or chipping prior to applying the Vinyl Wrap, there is a very high possibility that paint will come off during the removal process.


What is the average price of a vinyl wrap?

Due to the variety of vehicle sizes, shapes and conditions, the prices can vary slightly. One colour full wraps for a 4 door sedan, made in the last 20 years range between $3,000 - $4,000. This depends on bodykits, sunroofs, additional accessories and vinyl type (ie. gloss, metallic, carbon fibre, matte, chrome etc). 

Each vehicle is different, so we can give you a more accurate quote from pictures of your vehicle and a short summary of what you require. 


How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

Usually a full wrap can be done in 5 days. Obviously this depends on size and complexity of application.


A basic 5 day application is divided into 4 activities:


1. Removal and re-attachment of parts (ie; wing mirrors, lights, badges etc).


2. We use a three stage cleaning process to ensure the vehicle is free of any dirt, dust, wax or any other contaminant.

This is an extremely important part of the process, if this is not done properly the vinyl will not stay down.


3. The application of the vinyl film. This is a very careful process where patience and a great eye for detail is required.


4. Post heating of the vinyl surface, to cure the vinyl to your vehicle.


How durable are vinyl vehicle wraps?

This is dependent on the film applied, however each film has longevity of 5 -10 years depending on how you care for your vinyl. The film is durable enough to protect your vehicle from stone chips and minor scratches. Durability is also dependent upon exposure to elements, as with most materials, it can weaken with a high level of heat.


Will wrapping my car affect the resale value?

In most cases, having a vinyl wrap on your vehicle will help in retaining the value of your vehicle by protecting the original paint and car body.